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Get the Perfect Office Workspace in Kolkata That Suits Your Pocket
Gift a home to your business with our range of office workspaces in South Kolkata. At IFS Business Centre in Kolkata, we excel as the most top-ranking office workspace with selective and sophisticated design choices like landscaped opulent cabins inducing luxe, premium amenities, and voguish styling. Our modern workspace has garnered immense popularity for being high-equipped with blazing internet connection and a dynamic working ambiance that promotes better productivity among employees.
Since our inception, we have been helping multiple businesses to find and make way for the best workspace ever for their employees. Since we believe in giving choices and flexibilities to businesses to aid them in their journey of thriving into a promising community, we work towards creating coworking areas with ample space dedicated for meeting rooms and lounges.
Our team of experts takes care of all the amenities and services related to the workspaces, so your employees can rather stay focused on your business and do their part of making profits for the same instead of worrying about the business centre. It is the flexibility we practice that keeps us apart from all other business centres in Kolkata in the city.

Grow Your Business with IFS Business Centres’ Office Workspaces
Everything we indulge on is based on flexible terms to help businesses scale new heights every day by opting for the modification they need and by choosing the workspace that best suits their business. Our ready-to-move-in office spaces are well-furnished and are equipped with ergonomic furniture, luxury utilities, and a cooperative support team to attend to your queries and problems all the time.
Our team of professionals also makes use of the sprawling rooftop garden as a leisure cum refreshment spot for all the employees. The rooftop recreation area that offers the most amazing views of South Kolkata is also equipped with both smoking and non-smoking area, furniture along with the best refreshment services and facilities to help the employees take their much-needed break from work and monotony
We have earned credits in the field of offering you coworking spaces that represents and talk about your brand, its objectives, and the people. As our endeavor to boost your business’ efficiency and productivity, we present to you the best office workspaces in Kolkata that facilitate seamless move-ins along with a myriad networking scope.

World-Class Office Workspaces with Enterprise-Approved Internet Services
By melding the future of coworking space while simultaneously aiming for improved services, we make it a seamless and the most convenient experience for all businesses. By adopting vibrancy, we ensure that our members don’t run out of utilities.
Our office workspace in Kolkata is known as top business centre in Kolkata for its outstanding and unrivalled setup where you can work passionately and get all the help that you need to add brand value to your business. Our fully equipped meeting rooms, desks and chairs, cubicles, and best-in-class services make our workspace one of the most contemporary office space solutions


Backed with experience spanning over a few years and the skill in offering office spaces on both long term and short-term basis, we at IFS have now secured our position as a pioneer in putting out office workspace for rent. We are known for our ready-to-move-in and properly equipped office spaces for traditional and contemporary office setup in Kolkata. For all the entrepreneurs, our serviced office spaces are readily available for quick processing and affordable quotes

We Cater to All the Growing Businesses and their Exclusive Needs
Since its inception we have been catering to the demands of every entrepreneur; big or small. We know every business was built with a different objective and hence we understand them thoroughly before offering our facilities to them.

We Take Pride in Providing the Best Setting for Multi-National Companies
Our business centre is home to the most perfect setting the MNCs can have to operate and move on with their activities. The setting we provide is best for the MNC’s who have switched cities to operate from a prime location. Being situated in Kolkata’s prominent address, our clients reap benefits from the brilliant connectivity and the closest proximity to all the top business houses.

We Create a Positive Work Ambiance
One of the many reasons why business owners choose us over other business centres is because of our attractive reception area, extravagant workplaces, spacious lobby, classic interior office designs, mood-lifting lifting, and best-in-class equipment all of which contribute towards a business-oriented environment.

More Ways of How We Work and Operate
Closest Proximity to Important Landmarks
Our business centre is closely situated from hotels, hospitals, banks, malls, multiplexes, hotels, etc. The proximity to all of these landmarks makes us one of the most demanding business centres by all the businesses

Equipped with Top-Class Amenities
Unlike many other business centres in and around the city, we are renowned for offering all the essential amenities like conference halls, executive cabins, and virtual halls. Apart from that we also boast of the best security which eliminates all chances of intruder attacks, theft, and all other unlawful activities. Our sufficient desk and chair space also help your business to operate seamlessly.

Soothing and Beautiful Interiors
Our business centres have invested a good sum of money in decking up the interiors to help businesses. The modish and easy-on-the-eyes interior design of our cabins, rooms, and halls help promote positivity amongst employees besides inducing a good working vibe in them. Apart from offering these facilities, we also provide free parking facilities for our employees, blazing internet connection, phone services, postal services, and prim and proper restrooms all of which play a pivotal role in raising the standard of your business.

How IFS Work

We at IFS Business Centre, are happy to offer all the entrepreneurs and start-ups a fresh new platform where they explore their business objectives and win against all competitors. We are based in Kolkata and our innovative and best-in-class office workspaces are what makes us proud of ourselves. The office workspaces are largely acknowledged by multiple businesses across the country because of their flexible terms, ergonomic furniture, luxurious cabins, and lots more.

Our ready-to-move-in office workspaces have been providing cutting-edge environments to businesses of all shapes and sizes so they can focus better, collaborate easily, and give in their best performance. Thanks to our complete versatility, our office workspaces not only promise to transform your business but also evolve along with your business development. Here are a few other reasons why we are chosen over a hundred times:

Reduced Cost
We offer premium and state-of-the-art infrastructural work cabins and spaces at the guaranteed best price. Both our monthly and yearly packages will suit your pockets and are perfect for all types of businesses; from large enterprises to small start-ups.

Better Flexibility
Unlike other types of traditional office leases, we do not believe in binding our tenants to stringent payment options. We also put up our office workspaces on a short-term rental basis so you can easily alter the area of your workspace according to your business growth and requirements.

Completely Furnished
We have everything to help your business get started; from high-end desks and chairs to more.

Best Location in Kolkata
We are located in one of the most prestigious spots in South Kolkata, and this gives you the liberty to work from the most unique locations in the city. Now you can improve the brand perception of your company along with its credibility without bothering about hefty contracts.

Highly Secure Office Workspace
Being the most reputable office workspace provider in Kolkata, we offer you round-the-clock security solutions to help ease your security-related worries.

Cooperative Staff
We are always pleased to take calls, respond to emails promptly, and offer top-notch administrative support on behalf of your company.

Strict CCTV Vigilance
We never compromise on security, and this is the reason we believe in monitoring your workspace through our CCTV. The entire office workspace is under CCTV vigilance, the possibilities of theft, and intruder attack is always on the low side.

Visitor Registration followed with E-Tracking System
To help you maintain smooth business transactions and avoid all types of mishaps, we have introduced the visitor registration policy through which we can keep track of who is visiting the building, the timing of their entry, exit, and purpose of visit.

Avail of all of these perks by hiring our office workspaces at IFS Business Centre and watch your business thrive and evolve quickly, with profits margins taking a dramatic upsurge.


By consistently working towards offering bespoke customer services to our clients along with outstanding facilities, at IFS Business Center in Kolkata we cater to the demands and business requirements in an endeavor to achieve the credits for a high-quality business center. The office spaces we offer for rental options run inclusive of

Executive Cabins

Conference Halls

Virtual Offices

Rooftop Garden

Being one of the top business centres in Kolkata is so much more than just a mere desk, chair, reception area, and high-speed internet’ we dream of paving way for contemporary environments for our clients to help them give shape to their brand values.

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    Executive Cabins

    Help your business reach greater heights through an excellent workspace that goes beyond brilliance. Our flexible and fully-serviced executive cabins can cater to your dynamic needs. Gone are the days when you would have had to manage the traditional office space physically. Just rent one of our fully-furnished and highly-equipped executive cabins with durable and ergonomic furniture that are made for both aesthetics and comfort. Our executive cabins assist you to focus on your business priorities with our executive cabins having in-built cabins and open plan seating areas to complement your team needs.

    Conference Hall

    Since you would require a dedicated space to host conferences and meetings with your clients, customers, and employees, we provide the best facility for conference halls at our business center. Whether it is about launching a new product, discussing the business growth or future work plans, our well-equipped and luxurious conference halls will help you in every way. The spacious and well-appointed conference halls we provide along with onsite support are available on an hourly basis, daily basis, or even longer than that as per your preference and requirements. Other facilities include:

    ○ Several options for layout
    ○ Video conferencing
    ○ Modern AV equipment
    ○ Reliable and high-speed internet connection

    Virtual Office

    Our smart and exquisite virtual offices provide you with inexpensive and the best options that suit your pockets to help your business flourish like a large and renowned corporation. You can build an attractive and functional business presence either via phone or by mail. With our virtual office services, you can enjoy:

    ○ A prominent mailing address
    ○ Professional call answering facility
    ○ Professional secretarial services
    ○ Exclusive lounge access
    ○ Affordable meeting rooms
    ○ Call transferring facilities

    Rooftop Garden

    Rooftop Garden Area for Recreation and Refreshment

    We are one of the best business centres in Kolkata and also take pride in offering a capacious space for leisure, recreation, and refreshment purposes. Our smoking and non-smoking zones at our stunning rooftop garden are specially designed for all our business employees so they can enjoy their break in between work hours. The innovative recreational space is set amidst lush greenery and lets everyone breathe in the fresh air and escape the office crowds.

    Thanks to our comprehensive services, you longer have to get carried away with the thoughts of company setup and office space management and managing several services providers at a time, or splurging on equipment, IT infrastructure, and furniture. Keep calm and focus on what is important for your company while leaving the rest to us.

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    If you are looking for the perfect and most luxurious business centre in Kolkata, then we are right here for you as a trustworthy modern business center in Kolkata. Now you experience the best of working atmosphere at South Kolkata through our tailor-made and completely customized office workspaces. All our office workspaces dedicated for our clients are professionally designed and come with ergonomic furniture, mood-setting lighting, comfortable desks and chairs and a series of modern facilities.

    Contact us To Feel Empowered and Get the Motivation to Work Harder
    We have a dedicated workspace for every business objective and entrepreneurial dream. From exquisitely designed executive cabins to virtual offices and conference halls, we offer a brilliantly exceptional working atmosphere for both small start-ups and well-furnished businesses to help them thrive and scale great heights.

    We are the Perfect Business Centre for:
    1. Thriving start-ups
    2. Well-established businesses
    3. Business managers
    4. Small start-ups
    5. Remote Workers

    Call Us to Avail Our Bespoke Services

    ○ Our premier workspaces cater to your business centre needs. We have everything that you might to work as a business; starting from professionalism to privacy and ultimate comfort.
    ○ A professional reception area where you can greet your clients and create the first impression for your business.
    ○ Blazing internet speed for uninterrupted business dealing and transactions.
    ○ The rooftop garden area gives way to the most gorgeous views of South Kolkata and is equipped with both smoking and non-smoking zones for everyone. The space is also ideal to interact with nature, inhale some fresh air and enjoy some refreshments.
    ○ We take care of phone calls, emails, and every other communication.
    ○ Courier-package and mail services
    ○ Spacious conference halls for presentations, product launches, and meetings with clients and employees.
    ○ Access to lounge rooms
    ○ Modern and well-maintained amenities to add value to your brand name.

    Contact IFS Business Centre for A Perfectly Professional Work Environment
    For entrepreneurs, small business owners, and established start-up founders, we are the best solution for you when it comes to office workspaces. We are your solution for a budget-friendly and premier working office space provider in Kolkata. All our office workspaces are not only well-serviced but are equally furnished and are designed, keeping your business needs in mind.
    Book Your Office Workspace Now
    Our ready-to-use office workspaces are modern and are known for their premium services and facilities. The office spaces we offer are synonymous with accessibility, commercial viability, and business suitability. We take pride in catering to all the renowned and prominent business organizations and firms and young entrepreneurs as well. The fully-furnished office workspace solutions that we provide you at South Kolkata’s prime location offer instant access to luxurious business services coupled with best-in-class technology and communication.
    To have your queries resolved by our support team or to know more about our office business centre and coworking space in kolkata, services, and the facilities we provide, you can submit your request by filling in the following, and we promise to get back to you soonest.